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Reef Builders holds the privacy and security of our customers in the highest regard. The following data explains what kind of information is gathered on Reef Builders website and how the information is used.

Reef Builders will NOT rent, sell or trade the contents of our emailing list to any outside parties. You can be assured that your email address will be kept in strictest confidence.


Does Reef Builders offer secure online ordering?

Yes, we do. All customer and order information is securely stored behind a firewall and protected from unauthorized access. Your online session is encrypted using SSL.

What kind of information do you collect from me when I visit your web site?

We do not collect any information from those merely visiting our site. We do ask for additional information if you would like to place an order, request an order status or a free catalog, or if you need to communicate with us regarding an account issue.

Does Reef Builders share information it collects from me with outside parties?


What are 'cookies' and how do you use them?

'Cookies' are small bits of information that are sent from the Web server and kept on your browser. They are used by the Web server so it can remember who you are as you browse from page to page of our website. The cookie we send to your browser is not written to any file on your computer. It is only kept in memory and goes away when you exit your browser program. The content is simply a single number that helps us remember your order information.

What do you do with my email address?

Reef Builders collects your email address as part of your registration with us. We use this address to communicate with you about your account. We do not sell or otherwise give out your email address to others.

How else do you use information about me?

We don’t.